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The Legendary Randy " The Natural" Couture

BIRTHDAY: 1963-06- 22

AGE: 50
              CORVALLIS, OREGON
            UNITED STATES

185.42 CM

203 LBS
92.08 KG


Randy Couture is one of my Hero. A 5 Times UFC Champion and a Man To Capture 2 Weight Division. A feat that's not easily achieve and even overcoming obstacles at the age of late 40's. Beating Younger Guns with finesse and proves that techniques beats strength and youth.

A little bit old going to his 1st MMA debut considering any other fighters usually start at 20's, Him Going at his Mid 30's When most of the guys was thinking of retiring he was proving the world that even a older dog can still learn new tricks.

Starting Out With a good amateur wrestling career. Randy's Greco Roman Wrestling base is his strength using and modifying it for mma took him to where he is.

Here's Randy Biography

Forever Be a Legend And Of The Best This Sport Ever Had

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don Frye - UFC Legend 2

One of the Most exciting and one of the first true MMA fighter with well rounded skills is Don " the Predator frye "!!

A UFC Veteran And a UFC tournament Champion Beating Big names Like David the tank Abbot, Garry big Daddy Goodridge, Also A successful fighter In The former PrideFc. Beating names Like Ken Shamrock, takayama. And Also Fought In K1 and a Former IFL Coach.

Some Of Don frye's Stats:

Don "The Predator" Frye (born November 23, 1965) is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter, actor, and professional wrestler. Frye rose to fame fighting in early Ultimate Fighting Championship events, winning the UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournaments.

Don Frye began wrestling as a freshman in 1984 for Arizona State, where he was trained by fellow future Ultimate Fighting Championship legend, then assistant wrestling coach, Dan Severn. In 1987, he won the freestyle and Greco-Roman events during an Olympic qualifier. A year later, he transferred to Oklahoma State, where he encountered another future UFC star amongst his teammates: Randy Couture.

19 Wins 6 Losses 1 Draw 1 No Contest
Date Result Opponent Method Event Round, Time Notes
26 January 2008 Win Bryan Pardoe KO NLF - Heavy Hands Round 1, 0:47
April 8, 2007 Loss James Thompson TKO (Punches) PRIDE 34 Round 1, 6:23
9 October 2006 Win Min Soo Kim KO (Punch) K-1's Hero's 7 Round 2, 2:47
5 August 2006 Win Yoshihisa Yamamoto Submission (Rear Naked Choke) K-1's Hero's 6 Round 1, 4:52
13 May 2006 Draw Ruben Villareal Draw King of the Cage: Predator Round 3, 5:00
3 May 2006 Win Chad Rowan Submission (Guillotine Choke) K-1's Hero's 5 Round 2, 3:50
31 December 2004 Loss Yoshihiro Nakao Decision (Unanimous) K-1-Premium 2004 Dynamite Round 3, 5:00
22 May 2004 NC Yoshihiro Nakao NC K-1 MMA-ROMANEX Round 1
31 December 2003 Loss Gary Goodridge KO (Kick) PRIDE Shockwave 2003 Round 1, 0:39
8 June 2003 Loss Mark Coleman Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 26-Bad to the Bone Round 3, 5:00
24 November 2002 Loss Hidehiko Yoshida Technical Submission (Armbar) PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 Round 1, 5:32
23 June 2002 Win Yoshihiro Takayama TKO (Punches) PRIDE 21 - Demolition Round 1, 6:10
24 February 2002 Win Ken Shamrock Decision (Split) PRIDE 19 Bad Blood Round 3, 5:00
31 December 2001 Win Cyril Abidi Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2001-K-1 vs. Inoki Round 2, 0:33
24 September 2001 Win Gilbert Yvel DQ (Holding ropes) PRIDE 16 Beasts From The East Round 1, 7:27
20 June 1997 Win Eric Valdez Submission (Choke) USWF 5 Round 1, 0:49
7 December 1996 Win David L. Abbott Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Ultimate Ultimate 96 Round 1, 1:22 Won Ultimate Ultimate 96 Tournament
7 December 1996 Win Mark Hall Submission (Achilles Hold) Ultimate Ultimate 96 Round 1, 0:20
7 December 1996 Win Gary Goodridge Submission (Fatigue) Ultimate Ultimate 96 Round 1, 11:19
17 November 1996 Win Mark Hall Submission (Forearm Choke) U-Japan Round 1, 5:29
12 July 1996 Loss Mark Coleman TKO (Strikes) UFC 10 The Tournament Round 1, 11:34
12 July 1996 Win Brian Johnston Submission (Strikes) UFC 10 The Tournament Round 1, 4:37
12 July 1996 Win Mark Hall TKO (Strikes) UFC 10 The Tournament Round 1, 9:22
17 May 1996 Win Amaury Bitetti TKO (Strikes) UFC 9 Motor City Madness Round 1, 9:30

16 February 1996 Win Gary Goodridge Submission (Position) UFC 8 David vs. Goliath Round 1, 2:14 Won UFC 8 Tournament
16 February 1996 Win Sam Adkins TKO (Cut) UFC 8 David vs. Goliath Round 1, 0:48
16 February 1996 Win Thomas Ramirez KO UFC 8 David vs. Goliath Round 1, 0:08 Holds the record for the fastest Knockout in UFC history. Recently tied by James "The Sandman" Irvin at UFC Fight Night 13.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UFC 83 Results

* Georges St-Pierre def. Matt Serra via TKO - Round 2, 4:45
* Rich Franklin def. Travis Lutter via TKO - Round 2, 3:01
* Nate Quarry def. Kalib Starnes via unanimous decision
* Michael Bisping def. Charles McCarthy via TKO - Round 1, 5:00
* Mac Danzig def. Mark Bocek via submission - Round 3, 3:48
* Jason MacDonald def. Joe Doerksen via TKO - Round 2, 0:56
* Jason Day def. Alan Belcher via TKO - Round 1, 3:58
* Demian Maia def. Ed Herman via submission - Round 2, 2:27
* Rich Clementi def. Sam Stout via split decision
* Cain Velasquez def. Brad Morris via TKO - Round 1, 2:10
* Jonathan Goulet def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka via TKO - Round 2, 2:07

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ken Shamrock Vs Bas Rutten 1

One of the early Days Of MMA a match Up with Bas Rutten And Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock - UFC Legend Back Ground And Profile

Ultimate Fighting Championship (1993-present)

He returned to America to fight in the newly formed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In spite of their status as competitors in the unrehearsed environment of Pancrase, Funaki served as Shamrock's head trainer for the event. Held under a one-night tournament format with minimal rules (in contrast to Pancrase, which had extensive rules and a gentleman's agreement not to strike on the ground) Shamrock progressed to the semi-finals by defeating Patrick Smith via leglock. However, he fell to Royce Gracie in his next fight, as Gracie choked Shamrock out. Despite this loss, Shamrock continued to shine in Pancrase, losing to Funaki and another of his mentors, Minoru Suzuki, but nonetheless defeating Manabu Yamada in the finals of a 24-man tournament to crown Pancrase's first champion. He also picked up a pair of wins against future mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten.

Shamrock also founded the Lion's Den, a group dedicated to the training of mixed martial arts fighters. Many Lion's Den fighters such as Pete Williams, Jerry Bohlander, and Tra Telligman have achieved success in mixed martial arts. Others, such as Guy Mezger and Frank Shamrock have become legends in their own right.

At UFC 5 in May 1995, Shamrock and Gracie squared off in the UFC's first ever "Superfight." Unfortunately, the match did not live up to expectations. At UFC 5 the UFC had instituted time limits and Shamrock and Gracie fought for the entire allotted time of 30 minutes along with 5 minutes of overtime before the match was declared a draw. Shamrock then defeated Dan Severn for the newly-created Superfight belt, successfully defending this title against Oleg Taktarov and Kimo Leopoldo. In 1996, he lost the belt via judges decision in a rematch with Severn. The Severn bout marked the last time Masakatsu Funaki would serve as Ken Shamrock's trainer and cornerman.

In 2000, he went on to compete in the PRIDE Fighting Championships. Ken Shamrock defeated Alexander Otsuka by TKO at Pride Grand Prix Finals 2000 and lost to Kazuyuki Fujita.

Shamrock engaged in a feud with Don Frye during his career in the PRIDE Fighting Championships. In 1999, Alicia Webb (also known as Ryan Shamrock) dated Ken Shamrock until early 2003. Don Frye made comments on this case which Ken Shamrock cheated on and divorced his wife to date a young girl (Alicia Webb was 19 and Ken Shamrock was 35 when they started dating). Ken Shamrock was enraged by his personal life leaking out causing a feud between Ken Shamrock and Don Frye. The feud ended in a match during PRIDE 19 - Bad Blood in which Don Frye won by split decision. The two fighters have been on good terms after that match.

Shamrock's Lion's Den has engaged in a feud with former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz. Ortiz defeated Lion's Den fighters Jerry Bohlander and Guy Mezger, eventually facing Shamrock in one of the highest-selling mixed martial arts Pay Per View events of all time in the United States. At UFC 40, Ortiz defeated an injured Shamrock by TKO (corner stoppage).

April 9, 2005, was a turning point in Shamrock's career and future in mixed martial arts. In the main event, the first ever UFC appearance on basic cable TV, on the popular reality series The Ultimate Fighter finale, Shamrock faced rising star Rich Franklin in a light heavyweight bout. Although Shamrock had more experience and almost caught Franklin in a modified heel hook, he was defeated by a TKO in the first round when Franklin took advantage of Shamrock's slip (while executing a kick) and ground and pounded him to victory.

On October 24, 2005, Shamrock lost to fellow mixed martial arts legend Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba in PRIDE: Fully Loaded, by TKO. The decision to stop the fight was controversial to some, including Shamrock, since he was able to get right back up after being knocked down. However, Ken did turn his back to Sakuraba and wasn't intelligently defending himself, so the referee stopped the fight. His own brother Frank Shamrock commented on the stoppage in an interview with the site "…if you’re sleeping with your head through the second rope, you’re in a bad way. He got clocked. He went down. According to the rules he was no longer defending himself and that’s the end of the fight." [1]

On November 19, 2005 at UFC 56, Dana White, the UFC president, announced that Shamrock would be one of the coaches (along with Tito Ortiz) for the upcoming third season of The Ultimate Fighter. At UFC 61 Shamrock and Ortiz had a rematch of their UFC 40 fight.

On July 8, 2006, Shamrock faced Ortiz for the second time at UFC 61 and lost in 1:18 of the first round by a technical knockout. Although Shamrock landed some punches to back Ortiz up, the latter successfully secured a double leg takedown on Shamrock, lifting him up and slamming him to the mat. Although Shamrock was now on his back in a disadvantageous position, he did have Ortiz in his full guard. Ortiz, while in Shamrock's full guard, was able to land several elbows to Shamrock's head which went undefended. Referee Herb Dean deemed that Shamrock was no longer able to intelligently defend himself and stopped the fight.

On October 10, 2006, Shamrock lost to Ortiz for the third and final time by KO after referee John McCarthy stopped the fight following multiple undefended fist strikes. Immediately after the fight, Ortiz initially celebrated his victory with a mocking "grave digger" routine and an offensive t-shirt that said, "Punishing Him Into Retirement." However, Shamrock approached Ortiz and, after the two talked for several seconds, Shamrock said they could put all of their animosity aside as it was always "just business", shaking hands and burying the hatchet. Ortiz then declared that facing Shamrock had made him a better fighter, and thanked Ken for "passing the torch." Shamrock gave a gracious speech after the fight but left it ambiguous whether he would retire from the sport. In an interview with, he stated he was not leaning one way or another whether he will not fight again, but he did not want to lead the fans on.

In a recent press conference, it has been announced that Ken Shamrock will be the coach of the Nevada Lions for the IFL starting next year.

Ken was released of his UFC contract as of June 2007. He currently claims to be in the best shape in 7 years, due to the fact all of his injuries have healed.